Terry Eagleton Presents Jesus Christ

Verso is publishing a series of books reprinting classic radical texts under the umbrella title “Revolutions Series”. My favorite of the batch is the one listed in the Verso catalogue as “Jesus Christ / Terry Eagleton The Gospels (Revolutions Series).” It must be nice to share a by-line with Jesus. Closer inspection reveals that the book is listed as:

Terry Eagleton Presents Jesus Christ


In this new presentation of the Gospels, Terry Eagleton makes a powerful and provocative argument for Jesus Christ as a social, political and moral radical, a friend of anti-imperialists, outcasts and marginals, a champion of the poor, the sick and immigrants, and as an opponent of the rich, religious hierarchs, and hypocrites everywhere — in other words, as a figure akin to revolutionaries like Robespierre, Marx, and Che Guevara.

One thought on “Terry Eagleton Presents Jesus Christ

  1. By their lives of Christ ye shall know them.

    “a champion of the poor, the sick and immigrants”

    Don’t know about that last thing. His initial response to the gentile woman in Mark 7:24-30 seems callous and mean-spirited to me, even if he ultimately cures her child.

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