One thought on “In Defense of Mark Steyn

  1. Steyn’s bigotry is unfortunate – He is funny and talented and he could grow out of it.
    His bigotry seems less malicious than mistaken – a product of his autodidact mind and a reaction againt parlour-leftism he’s experienced. He wants to provoke etc.

    Steyn’s bigger problem is his lazy unwillingness or inability to distinguish between facts and his own show biz view of the way the world should be.
    Lord Black is his idea of what a Lord should be – But he did not favors for Black when he kept his blog during the trial. In his blog. he would regularly describe things Black did that were illegal – but that didn’t bother his own sensibility.

    He clearly does not think white collar crime is suh a bad thing. He mad arguments that were politically clever for shout shows on cable TV, but only served to illiminate Black’s problematic way of operating.

    On a side note – Steyn’s gruesome fan club defends Steyn on charges of racism, only because they think he is one. That’s kind of funny.

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