Tom Cruise: Not Gay, Flaming Scientologist

I will get back to more substantial posting soon, but in the meantime, there’s a new unauthorized biography of Tom Cruise out. Slate has the highlights. Author Andrew Morton rejects the gay rumours:

Page 68: Remember the sex-on-a-train scene in Risky Business? Morton alleges that “while Tom and Rebecca [De Mornay] were nervous before playing the scene, those who snuck onto the closed set are convinced that the answer to the question of ‘did they, didn’t they’ really get it on on camera is a firm yes.”

Page 195: High-school girlfriend Diane Van Zoeren doesn’t give any credence to the “Tom is gay” rumor: “I don’t get it. I find these stories just hard to believe. We romanced in my dad’s Oldsmobile doing what you are not supposed to.”

Even if Crusie were gay, the right respose would surely be, “So what?”. If any aspect of Cruise’s lifestyle deserves sniggering over, it is his not-so-closeted religious views:

Page 289: Without naming his sources, Morton spins the following yarn: “Some [Scientology] sect members sincerely believed that Katie Holmes was carrying the baby who would be the vessel for L. Ron Hubbard’s spirit when he returned from his trip around the galaxy. True believers were convinced that Tom’s spawn would be the reincarnation of L. Ron Hubbard.

Page 123: When Tom accepted an invitation to the Scientology Gold Base in the California desert, head honcho David Miscavige allegedly announced to his staff: “The most important recruit ever is in the process of being secured. His arrival will change the face of Scientology forever.”

Page 171-172: By 1993, Morton says Tom “progressed to what Scientologists call ‘the Wall of Fire,’ or Operating Thetan III, where the secrets of the universe according to Hubbard [are] revealed.” Allegedly, “Tom found the knowledge he had just received disturbing and alarming, as he struggled to reconcile the creationist myth with the more practical teachings contained in the lower levels of Scientology. . . . It was recalled that around this time relations became ‘ugly’ between David Miscavige and the Hollywood actor, Tom complaining that he had studied all these years and the whole faith was about space aliens.”

I know the kind of let-down Cruise is talking about. I felt the same way after sitting through War of the Worlds.

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