Valentines Day, Maoist Style


Via the wide-ranging curiosity of Scott McLemee, here are some romantic February 14th reflections from the Freedom Road Socialist Organization, a Maoist group:

Toilers And Oppressed People Of Every Nation:

Let The Dauntless Spirit Of Comrade Valentine Illuminate The Bright Red Path Of Revolutionary Romanticism!

Love And Desire Are The Birthright Of The Working Masses And Must Be Defended Against Rapacious Capital’s Drive To Reduce Them To Shoddy Commodities!

Never Waver In The Battle To Smash Reactionary Feudal And Bourgeois Worldviews Which Deny Agency To Women And LGBTQ People!

One thought on “Valentines Day, Maoist Style

  1. Hahahaha. I’m no Freedom Road member, but many of those folks are ex-Maoists with good anti-authoritarian instincts. I can’t imagine the RCP issuing such a funny communique.

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