American Police through Japanese Eyes

Via Chris Butcher, the cover of a Japanese magazine devoted to … um … American police. Oddly enough, this magazine seems to be celebrating the fine cops of the United States, at least according to the translation of a headline provided by one of Chris’s readers. According to LillianDP, the headline on the top left reads  “32 pages jam-packed with America’s heroic and hot-blooded police! Your hands will get hot just turning the pages!”

I really want someone to explain this to me.

This is perhaps a good opportunity to remind readers that Chris’s blog is chock-full of wonderful photographs of Japan, photos that brilliantly zoom in on that nation’s urban and consumer landscape.

6 thoughts on “American Police through Japanese Eyes

  1. It’s a mook, so it’s a one-shot magazine-sized book; a quick google turns up other volumes in the “Wild Mook” series about fighter planes, trucks, ships, fire engines, military uniforms, etc (not all American). Here’s a more recent mook by the same publisher, about military rations of the world. And I have no idea why this one is called “Adventure Canned Goods”.


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