Obama Sweeps Kazakhstan, Trounced in Turkmenistan

Americans living abroad are allowed to participate in the Democratic primary election, although it doesn’t seem like their votes will count for much (maybe 14 delegates, each with a half vote). Because many nations have only a handful of voters, landslide victories are common. Moscow-based blogger Buster has been following these overseas races and summarizes them here:

A full one hundred percent of American Democratic voters in Kazakhstan voted for Obama. The other way to call that vote was 2-0. Obama also scored 100% wins in Barbados (1-0), Jamaica (16-0), Paraguay (6-0), St. Lucia (1-0), Antarctica (1-0), East Timor (2-0), French Polynesia (2-0) Marshall Islands (1-0), Mongolia (2-0), Myanmar (1-0), Pakistan (6-0), Algeria (1-0), Anguilla (2-0), British Virgin Islands (3-0), Burkina Faso (1-0), Cameroon (3-0), Croatia (4-0), Cote d’Ivoire (1-0), Estonia (1-0) (David, is that you?), Gabon, Gambia, Guadeloupe, Guinea-Bissau, Lithuania, Macedonia… The list goes on. Eleven out of eleven Democratic voters in Morocco liked Obama.

Clinton didn’t get so many unanimous decisions, though one out of one voter in New Caledonia voted for her and she swept both of the US Dems in Turkmenistan. She also took majorities of one in Liberia, Libya and a few other spots on the map.

Buster also provides a link to the full voting results, available as a PDF file. I’ll take this opportunity to point out that Buster’s blog is a wonderful resource, full of useful information about Russian society, as well as vivid, impressionistic reporting. As the saying goes, check it out.


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