Benjamin Franklin: Hindu?

Michael Dirda, of the Washington Post, reviewing a new book about religion and the American Fouding Fathers: “Franklin, we learn, believed that God created the universe, then gave over its governing to various minor gods. (Waldman describes this as a form of deism, though it strikes me as vaguely Gnostic.)” It could also be described as kind of Hindu.

 I’m putting this in the category of “interesting, if true.” Can anyone verify?


One thought on “Benjamin Franklin: Hindu?

  1. Unlikely. Franklin was (it appears) a Diest, from the age of 15 on. Deists do believe that God created the world and then got out of the way. Although Franklin stated in the 1730s that God “sometimes interferes by His particular Providence and sets aside the Effects which would otherwise have been produced…”
    Just weeks prior to his death he stated “I believe in One God.” He also had one foot in the unitarian camp concerning the divinity of Jesus – (explaining it wasnt an issue he had strong views on) – thus making many Gods unlikely view for Franklin.
    wonder where the “gods” quote came from….

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