A satisfying anti-Palin polemic

“Whatever the Christian conservative way of life is, Palin is living it. And so her grotesque and fascinating candidacy broaches an interesting subject, which is the moral insufficiency of integrity.” When Leon Wieseltier is on there’s no one quite like him. (Note also the unintentionally funny comments complaining about his use of big words).

2 thoughts on “A satisfying anti-Palin polemic

  1. There is truth in the article, no doubt, but it still dances around the arguments that should be made- and I hope one of you bright boys here will take the time to enunciate fully!

    It depresses me no end that no one in American politics has the guts or intelligence to argue against the role religion is playing in politics. When leaders are openly shouting that God wants them to vote this way or that, and that God wants war, and that their followers should pray for oil pipelines, it seems to me that there is no end of powerful arguments pointing out the dangers in these modes of thought without offending the religious. But no one rises up. Sadly, I suspect democrats will continue to lose because they are afraid to make these arguments, as they are afraid to argue in so many of the areas that Republicans stake their platforms on (eg. their manliness, allowing voters to associate themselves with that because hey, only pussies would vote democrat- that entire convention seemed to be one big cry of: Our dicks are huge!)

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