McCain: Reading is Hard


The United States, as you might have heard, is facing a very serious economic crisis. So serious that John McCain has said he’s suspending his campaign. So serious that McCain is trying to postpone a scheduled debate with Senator Obama.


A crucial part of the bitter debate over the solution to the economic crisis is a proposal that U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson has put forward. The proposal is not too long: about 3 pages. It’s been published in the New York Times and elsewhere. With a little bit of google searching you can easily find a copy.


Here’s the kicker: recently John McCain admitted that he hasn’t had a chance yet to read the 3 page proposal. But perhaps McCain was referring to some of the other proposals out there, like the one made by Senator Dodd. But those are also very brief and easy to find. It often seems as if McCain is not so much running for president as performing an extended national comedy routine.

One thought on “McCain: Reading is Hard

  1. Geez, even I’ve read it! McCain seems more and more dazed and confused every time I see him. And hey, when are we going to see him medical records? His wife’s finances? Palin at a news conference? Don’t hold your breath.

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