McCain Wins Debate!

Whatever else you can say about John McCain and Sarah Palin, you have to admire their chutzpah. Indeed there entire campaign has been an extended display of sheer nerve, a willingness to say and do things that would shame normal people.


Via Washington Post, McCain’s campaign is already running ads (on the website of the Wall Street Journal) saying MCCAIN WINS DEBATE! Another ad quotes McCain’s campaign manager as saying: “McCain won the debate– hands down.” Pretty prescient since the debate, which McCain tried to postpone, hasn’t taken place yet. (See here and  here; and thanks to Laura Rozen for pointing this story out).


Speaking of chutzpah, Palin has argued that those who want to talk to Iran (i.e., former Secretary of States like Madeleine Albright, Colin Powell, Warren Christopher, James Baker, and Henry Kissinger ) are “naive.” Ah, yes, that naive Kissinger. If only he had the wiliness Palin, the Bismark of Alaska.

One thought on “McCain Wins Debate!

  1. Now that I’ve watched all 11 parts of the first McCain/Obama debate on YouTube (since I don’t do television), I actually think McCain did win this debate. I don’t think he converted any followers, but he communicated the rationale of his administration’s foreign policy should he win the election. I think Obama was struggling to work in his “narrative” (father from Kenya, yada-yada) and to criticize past decisions rather than outline his future policy. He’ll probably do better in future debates when the focus is domestic policy.

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