Zizek on the Financial Crisis

You wouldn’t think that a Marxist Lacanian psychoanalyst best known for his interpretations of Alfred Hitchcock movies would have anything of interest to say about the current financial crisis. Well, you’d be wrong. Zizek actually makes some good points here.


I particularly like the ending:


“This is why Obama was right to reject McCain’s call to postpone the first presidential debate and to point out that the meltdown makes a political debate about how the two candidates would handle the crisis all the more urgent. In the 2000 election, Clinton won with the motto ‘It’s the economy, stupid!’ The Democrats need to get a new message across: ‘It’s the POLITICAL economy, stupid!’ The US doesn’t need less politics, it needs more.”


It’s the political economy, stupid – that’s a slogan I can live with.


3 thoughts on “Zizek on the Financial Crisis

  1. Clinton won the 2000 election? I must have slept on that one.

    And why is Zizek always looking for something to exclaim? It as if he yearns for an earlier time when people punctuated with more vim and vigor. Read Lacan and make of that what you will! I guess.

  2. Well, admittedly getting the facts right isn’t Zizek’s strong suit. He’s more of what you would call “an ideas man.” As for the exclamation marks, if you’ve seen any of the documentaries about him (there are are least 3), you’ll know that he talks in exclamation marks (and spittle).

  3. I wonder what Zizek would say about that fact that McCain wanted a dozen debates across the country this summer, and Obama categorically refused.
    He probably doesn’t even know that. He’s a blowhard and fraud of the highest order . . .almost Baudriallardian in his fraudulence!

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