From Selma to Ramallah

Brent Scowcroft is as establishment a Republican as they come: a retired general who served as National Security Advisor for the adminstrations of Gerarld Ford and the senior George Bush, he also was a functionary in the Nixon and Reagan adminstrations. So it’s interesting to hear him talk about the need for reviving the Palestinian peace process with Fareed Zakaria on CNN.

During the interiew Scowcroft implicitly compared the “injustice” suffered by the Palestinians with the “injustice” of America’s racial past. Drawing out the implications of what Scwcroft’s statements, one could say, “As Selma was to us, so Ramallah is to Israel. Just as we have moved from segregation to an Obama presidency, so Israel must deliver justice to the Palestinians.” Pretty radical stuff for an 83 year old Republican.

Apart from whatever else Obama does as president, the simple fact that he’s made it to the White House is causing people to see the world in a new way. It’s given a new currency to the idea that the world can change.


Here’s what Scowcroft said:

And I would start that process with the Palestinian peace process as a way to psychologically change the mood of the region, and get the region to start working together rather than at cross purposes, because the Palestinian issue, while it’s not important to many states in the region, it’s nonetheless — it gives the members of the region a deep sense of injustice.
And we have removed in this country, with this election, a lot of that sense of injustice in this country. We ought to try to do it in the Middle East.

One thought on “From Selma to Ramallah

  1. A Palestinian state will probably never be viable. Even if it was contiguous and all the settlements were included. Even if it got a fair share of the water. It would have virtually no economic base. Maybe I’m wrong.

    There is some talk now of the Palestinian Authority disbanding and with it the idea of a two state solution. Most probably don’t understand the profound implications of this.

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