Obama the Comics Fan?


I think this should belong in the catagory of “too good to be true” (or at least too good if you’re me). But there is some evidence emerging that Obama is a comics fan. The Daily Telegraph reports he collects Spider-man and Conan comics.

I was inclined to skepitcal because the Telegraph isn’t the most reliable newspaper around (it’s bad even the low standards of the British press).

But a much better paper, the Guardian, carried this report from a childhood friend  who remembers “Barry” being a good artist:

Grandpa bought me all the DC Comic books, and I was the only one who had them, so Barry and Yanto would borrow the books and copy pictures of Batman and Spider-Man out and ask me to judge which was better. Barry was always better than Yanto. Even Yanto always agreed with that. Barry had a great eye.

And during the Al Smith dinner in October, when the candidates took turns doing stand up comedy, Obama made a joke about the high expectations he’s facing, saying “I was actually born on Krypton and sent here by my father, Jor-el, to save the planet Earth.” The reference to Jor-el is fairly insider-ish.

We know that America is ready to have a black president. The question now should be, is America ready for a fan-boy president?

2 thoughts on “Obama the Comics Fan?

  1. I’ve got a reason subscription and plan to donate the money I made “investing” in the outcomes of the US and Canadian elections on inTrade to the CATO institute, but even if he doesn’t like comic books, I still like Obama. I liked Clinton and Bush, but that was on more of a camp, ironic level. Obama, on the other hand, at least for now, I genuinely like, without so much as even a hint of irony.

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