Great Moments in Nepotism

1) In an blog post about the young writer Sam Munson, the New Yorker Observer describes him thus  “Mr. Munson, the online editor of neoconservative journal Commentary.” A sentence later we’re told, ” Mr. Munson—who is, incidentally, the grandson of former Commentary editor Norman Podhoretz.”

2) In the pages pages of the Jerusalem Post, Ruth Blum Liebowitz (daughter of Norman Podhoretz) interview Elliot Abrams (son-in-law of Norman Podhoretz). To her credit, Ms. Liebowitz frankly owns up to the fact that the man she’s interviewing is married to her sister.

3) This is perhaps a good occasion to point readers to an early Sans Everything post on Nepotism and affirmative action, where we noted, “Does the ideal of meritocracy, an indifference to parental powers, even describe Podhoretz’s own career? As editor of Commentary the elder Podhoretz very much governed as a benevolent paterfamilias, publishing countless essays and even short stories by his wife Midge Decter, his son John Podhoretz, his step-daughter Naomi Munson (nee Decter), his other step-daughter Rachel Abrams (nee Decter), his son-in-law Steven C. Munson, his other son-in-law Elliot Abrams, and his grand-son Sam Munson. (This is a very incomplete list: it would take an army of genealogists to do justice to Podhoretz’s editorship by blood-line…).”

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