Brain flash

Twittering is for people whose attention span is taxed by blogs.

5 thoughts on “Brain flash

  1. I’m with Patrick Nielsen Hayden; this Twitter backlash is making me all contrarian. —The point isn’t this 140-character entry or that, it’s the stream that flows past you and around you and that you add to here and there, as you like. (You must have some little patience with the program to see this phenomenon and appreciate it, he said, his contrarian tongue in cheek.)

    With enough friends/social compeers, a Twitter feed becomes an odd sort of group telepathy; limited, perhaps, but it’s another ingredient in the social glue that holds something like the Portland comics scene together.

  2. I was at a think tank on the future of brand management earlier this month, and one of the marketing experts there held up Don Tapscott’s latest book and declared (with Tapscott) that young people now think differently from the rest of us, Twitter being a prime example of this. To which I responded, “Twitter isn’t different at all; it’s just people talking to each other.”

    I don’t use it, but I suspect Kip is right in calling it an “ingredient in the social glue”.

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