Introducing Sophie Pollitt-Cohen

Blogs are driven by passion, and a notable feature of Sans Everything is the cacophony of competing obsessions that regularly bubble up here. Aside from my own interest in comic books and conservative intellectuals we have the various hobby-horses of A.M. Lamey (animal rights and immigration policy), Ian Garrick Mason (movies, foreign affairs), John Haffner (Japanese society, energy policy).


Now we want to bring on board a new guest blogger, Sophie Pollitt-Cohen. Sophie is the co-author of the best selling novel The Notebook Girls . Her wryly askew take on history was on display in her earlier blog Monocles Galore and can currently be found in History magazine.  For a recent op-ed she wrote, go here. What are Sophie’s pet obsessions?  A “love of books, history, lacrosse players, splenda” combined with a “hatred of commercials directed at women.” Welcome, Sophie.

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