The Ultimate in Self-Hatred

Well, he is Semitic....
Well, he is Semitic....

According to the Daily Telegraph — alas, not a reliable source on this or any other matter — Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is really Jewish. I’ll just quickly note that this opens up the way for a whole new round of jokes about Jewish self-hatred. My favorite in the category is Woody Allen’s emphatic denial of the accusation: “Hey, I may hate myself, but not because I’m Jewish.”

2 thoughts on “The Ultimate in Self-Hatred

  1. In a previous post linked to in this post, Jeet comments:

    “There are a few excellent British publications, preeminently The Guardian. But the vast majority of British papers have a much lower standard of ethics, objectivity, and honesty than their North American counterparts. In Britain, with a handful of exceptions, the gutter press is a redundancy and journalistic ethics an oxymoron.”

    For a representative example of the “ethics, objectivity and honesty” of the “excellent” and “preeminent” Guardian, see this story:

  2. C’mon St. Loyola, I expect better from the founder of the Jesuit order. The Guardian’s mistake in this case was due to simple carelessness: they reprinted a pre-existing list which gave only the names of one winner when there were joint prizes.

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