An evening out in NYC

Any sans everything readers out and about in Manhattan tomorrow evening may wish to add some artistic spice to their peregrinations by dropping by the fashionable hat shop Selima at 7 Bond Street (betweenish and slightly southish of the Greenwich and East Villages) for DOYOULOVEME?, an installation (and “fashion night out”) by the fabulously original illustrator and artist Marguerita Bornstein.

"Hitler-in-the-box" (Marguerita Bornstein, 1999)

2 thoughts on “An evening out in NYC

  1. I’m liking the illustrations. The line work is reminiscent of the clean lines and bright colors of Maurice Vellekoop with just a soupcon of the spontaneity I’d associate with something by Jules Feiffer:)

  2. please tell mrs marguarita bornstein to contact me, since i might be a relative to her great father from krakow (side lauer) and am interested in finding out more about the familiy. no pecuniar interests at all!!! i could not find her e-mail adress.

    thank you very nuch.vb

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