Baby Photos

Grandmom, new mom, fresh-born daughter.
Bella within moments of her birth

I’m hijacking this very serious political and literary blog to make a personal annoucement. Yesterday Robin Ganev gave birth to our daughter, Bella Elinor Heer. The baby was born at 1:22 CST weighing in at 6 pound 3 oz. Both mother and daughter are doing well. Here are some photos:

Denis Dutton, RIP (Part I)

Denis Dutton

The late Denis Dutton, who created the website Arts and Letters Daily and who died at the end of last year, was a someone who I had fairly complicated feelings towards. In the early years of ALD (especially from 2000 to 2004) he used to link to my articles fairly frequently, and this gave a huge boost to my career, giving me a much larger and more international audience. Still I had issues with Dutton’s worldview and also the impact of some of his intellectual activism. Below is an essay I wrote for the Globe and Mail earlier this year which tries to sort out Dutton’s legacy (I’ll have a follow-up post soon).

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