Large and In Charge

Photo from Glamour.
Photo from Glamour.
Sophie Pollitt-Cohen writes:

Recently, Glamour magazine ran this photo in an article promoting healthy body image.

The majority of the online responses were positive, and even my male friend Baker commented on her nice smile and other weird, irrelevant things like that.  But my first thought when I saw it was “What is the dealie with the fat lady in Glamour?”

Why am I being such a hater?  I spend so much time thinking about body image and how the man keeps me down, so shouldn’t I be all for sisterhood and junk?  It would seem that men are the ones promoting these standards for women, as people in power are normally want to do to people without power.  As Hawthorne wrote in his story The Blithedale Romance about a particularly feminine character, “She is the type of woman such as man has spent centuries in making.”  If men are making the rules, why are women the ones enforcing them?

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