Thoroughly Walled In

Henry David Thoreau, who took nothing for granted.
Henry David Thoreau, who took nothing for granted.

Sophie Pollitt-Cohen writes:

Sunday August 9th 2009 is the 156th anniversary of Thoreau’s Walden being published.  “But I read that in high school and hated it,” I hear you say. (I have very good ears.)  “It’s a bitter guy talking about beans for three hundred pages.  Walden is the worst.”


False.  You think Walden is the worst because you were in high school, and everything is the worst when you are in high school.  I would like to revisit what I consider one of the most important things to take away from Walden, besides a commemorative lamp: the importance of questioning the inherent.  That means questioning all the things you dismiss as inevitable, beyond your control, natural—from who makes your clothes (and why we’re even buying new clothes in the first place) and schools to who makes your ideas.

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