Getting on with it

Hello, and welcome to sans everything. Now, I know it’s traditional to launch a blog with a rather long and discursive post about the whys and wherefores of its birth, but this is a collective blog — not one of those personal, solipsistic thingies written by exhausted college students trying to avoid studying for their exams. And collective blogs, as is well known, have a higher, more serious purpose. Not just any introductory post will do. In fact, my partners and I have scheduled several days of uninterrupted meeting time to discuss, iterate, and perfect our initial statement — and we promise that it will be neither long nor discursive, but rather the very model of elegance and concision.

No drunken rambling manifestos for us.

A note before parting, however. Precisely how many days this process will take us is impossible to tell — indeed, whether any of us will even survive it is an open question. In the meantime, and for the convenience of our readers, we’ll blog as if we had already posted our initial statement, and will write about our full range of favoured topics: politics, history, philosophy, culture high and low, the environment, and such additional matters as catch our (collective) fancy. 

As they say, we’ll just get on with it.